About Slow Garments

My name is Tiffany or you can call me Tiff! I love shopping second hand, and ditched fast fashion over a year ago now and I have a serious problem with male billionaires exploiting women in sweatshops 😣

When I was growing up, I loved fast fashion, every month when my wages would go in my bank account and I would most likely already have clothes in my ASOS basket ready to checkout, but in January 2020 my hobby of sewing become a clothing brand with some serious sustainable and ethical values that switched that up 💌

During 2019 I said farewell to ASOS checkouts and I was researching in depth on what impact the fashion industry had on our planet, I had given up fast fashion for good and I become vegetarian 🌱 There is a part in this process of lifestyle changes you start to feel like Greta Thunberg! 🌍

Then Slow Garments was born January 2020 ✂️ I started with one small machine and cutting fabrics on my studio flat floor, now I have a whole room dedicated to sewing in my sewing studio in my flat. I have a huge cutting table and an industrial sewing machine!

Slow Garments has been built on the foundations of my passion for sewing and encouraging others to learn about ethical clothing and why it's important we know where our clothes have been made. Which brings me to #whomadeyourclothes ? Asking the question and exploring garment worker exploitation, educating and making my voice heard for the silenced voices in sweatshops, for women like me, men or children.

The sustainable impact of Slow Garments has taken me down many roads of exploring fabrics, threads and more eco friendly haberdashery needed to make a garment last a long time with as little impact on the planet as possible.

Slow Garments values start with the people & the planet 🌍

What’s better than knowing when someone has the same Slow Garment as you, they have those same values too 💚

Tiff ✂️🪡